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"I have owned and operated a garment manufacturing corporation for forty years. My firm designed, produced, and sold millions of garments distributing them to major department stores in the United States and overseas. I had several hundred people in my employ and eventually sold my business to a public company . Throughout the years, I successfully invested in a variety of hedge funds . The investment experience was very rewarding and I benefitted from the fund's expertise and profits . My strategy is to find the hedge funds that generate positive results with a team that monitors and grows my investments."

R. Glick, New York

"My name is Stephen Goldman and have been a tennis professional for the past 40 years. Approximately 25 years ago, one of my students Robert Olstein started his own mutual fund. At that time I knew very little about investing and perhaps even less about mutual funds. Over the years, I kept adding to my investment with Mr. Olstein and was quite pleased with its performance. Like all investments, it had its shares of "ups and downs" but I decided to stay with the fund and Mr. Olstein. As a result of this, putting my trust and money in the right fund (and manager) was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made evidenced by the fact that my wife and I were able to retire at the age of 60. "

Stephen Goldman, New York

"I was first introduced to a hedge fund 30 years ago. My returns from that fund grew at over 13% a year. My money just kept growing and growing. Today I am invested in multiple funds that are managed by some of the smartest people I have ever known. Investing in equities with the right people has proven to be the most conservative, yet profitable way to preserve and grow my capital. Everyone who qualifies should put a portion of their net worth into funds the way I did. When the manager knows his business, combined with some patience, the results can be brilliant."

Jeffrey Schwartz, Boca Raton, FL