Fund Investment Objectives

The ALPHA PROGRAM involves trading in derivatives and is intended primarily for sophisticated investors. The objective of the Alpha Program is to achieve capital appreciation rates of return somewhat greater than that available from other investments while taking reasonable steps to protect capital relative to the rates of return sought. Globivest will attempt to achieve this objective by investments through speculation in exchange traded derivative contracts such as futures and futures options. The ALPHA PROGRAM establishes option positions that are designed to take advantage of time and direction of the underlying market. That direction could be up, down, or sideways. Option positions are taken primarily on the E-mini S&P 500, Crude Oil, and 30 Year U.S. T-Bond futures. The program will also establish option positions in Currencies, Metals, and Agricultures from time to time when opportunities arise. This diversification will achieve a balance across economic sectors while to some extent, simultaneously limiting unnecessary concentration in any particular economic sector. The intent of such discretion is to increase opportunities for gain, decrease risk, and provide more consistent returns. The program will take positions with a consideration of market conditions, price trends, volatility, seasonality, and market sentiment. Options are used to structure complex positions with statistically high probabilities of positive outcomes. Opportunity and risk exposure is further diversified by employing different types of options combinations including, but not limited to, bear spreads, bull spreads, condors, ratio spreads, strangles, and calendar spreads.