5D Steppen Wolf Macro Alpha

UI Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

Multifarious decision making inputs, axiomatically weighted as follows:50% fundamental (long-term directional indicators): 1) Cyclical: e.g. GDP, government, corporate and household debt, fiscal deficit, current account, currency PPP/basis, labor market statistics (UE/IJC/NFP/LFP), economic surprise indices, 2) Monetary and Credit: e.g. central bank policy, debt monetization, inflation target, money stock and supply, credit creation, 'shadow' banking system statistics, emergency liquidity and 'bail-out' provisions, 3) Valuation: e.g. earnings, multiples, PMI/ISM, capacity, inventories, orders, capital expenditures: 25% technical (short/medium-term momentum indicators): e.g. trends, reversions, formations and signals, plus quantitatively-derived intra-day key levels for entry/exit and timing guidance,: and 25% behavioral (sentiment indicators): e.g. consumer confidence and business climate surveys, political/electoral processes/outcomes, voter dependences, constitutional/legal mechanics. Actual inception date of the fund is May 13,2013.