ABCA Multi


Fund Investment Objectives

ABCA Multi overall investment strategy is largely arbitrage based and will pursue a multi-strategy approach. The multi-strategy pursuit is attained by investing in funds managed or advised by the ABC arbitrage Group (the Underlying Funds). The multi-strategy effect is attained by investing in a gross performance share class (i.e. no Performance Fee, or Management Fee) of each Underlying Fund. In consequence gross performance is aggregated in ABCA Multi before the application of a Performance Fee to the aggregate performance. This approach offers the benefits of a Fund of Funds mechanism, by separating the strategies thereby eliminating cross-pollution and permitting a clear identification of return drivers, yet avoids the general inconvenience of a Fund of Funds of doubling up on fees. A Management Fee is also applied only at the level of ABCA Multi. The allocation process seeks to optimize the consistency of returns through time.