Acantias Offshore Fund Ltd.


Fund Investment Objectives

The Acantias Fund seeks to maximize returns over the medium to long term through investments in distressed assets and dislocated investment opportunities created by the credit crisis. The fund has a strategic bias to benefit from the full cycle of medium term opportunities presenting strong value potential as the tide of financing sources recedes and later returns. Such opportunities are found in niche, specialized and under-researched segments during all cycles. The fund mainly invests in specialized hedge fund strategies with asymmetric return profiles such as Distressed Credit, Structured Credit and Special Situations opportunities. The objectives of the Acantias Offshore Fund are returns net of fees above 18 - 24% p.a. over a three to five years investment horizon with a volatility of about 8% p.a. The fund indicates low correlation to equities, fixed income and commodities. AUM is aggregate across share classes