ACPI Emerging Markets Fixed

Income UCITS Fund (H-CHF)

Fund Investment Objectives

The ACPI Emerging Markets Fixed Income UCITS Fund's investment objective is to achieve positive absolute returns and long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in global emerging market securities. The investment policy is primarily based on an emerging market bond policy. The Fund will aim to generate positive returns by primarily building a diversified portfolio of transferable securities, bonds and other debt securities, which are traded on stock exchanges and recognised markets of emerging market countries. Primarily, the Fund will invest directly or indirectly in bonds and other debt securities of emerging market governments and corporates of various types and maturities, including, for example, fixed rate, floating rate and variable rate notes, bonds, index linked debt securities, convertible bonds, preferred stock, warrants, collateralised securities (such as securities collateralised or backed by mortgages or credit card receivables) coupon-bearing and deferred interest instruments (such as zero coupon bonds). Such debt securities may be fixed or floating rate and rated or unrated. The Fund may invest in fixed rate, floating rate and zero coupon bonds. The fund's actual inception date is March 15, 2010. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in USD. Benchmarks are: 50% EMBI Global Index and 50% ELMI+ Index