Acuity Corporate Opportunity

Fund, Ltd

Fund Investment Objectives

The Acuity Corporate Opportunity Fund Ltd and is a relative value fund focused on multiple asset classes of corporate credits merging macro views with deep fundamental credit analysis, thereby constructing a portfolio that delivers considerable current yield, ample liquidity and significant protection of capital. Acuity targets net returns of 12-15% with a standard deviation of 7% or less and a Sharpe Ratio of 1 or more. The Acuity investment process is holistic beginning with macro views of global economies, trends, bubbles and risks and merging those views with bottom up, deep fundamental credit analysis. Acuity utilizes four related investment buckets: High Yield, Investment Grade, Bank Debt and Convertible Arbitrage. The Acuity philosophy is one that delivers equity like returns with bond like risk analyzing credit centric asset classes and investigating multiple bond issues from a single issuer. Acuity is opportunistic, frequently shifting its investment focus amongst investment buckets and individual issuers. Acuity is S.E.C registered; AlphaMetrix platform listed, and acts as a sub-advisor to the Wilmington Rock Maple Alternative Funds (symbols, WRAAX and WRAIX).