Ada Series Total Return Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

Fundamental, technical and quantitative. The Partnership's investment objective is to seek to maximize total return through dividends, interest and capital appreciation over time, by investing in small cap equities, mid cap equities, large cap equities, high yield corporate bonds (including so-called "junk bonds"), preferred stocks, convertible securities and other higher yielding corporate stocks, such as utility stocks. The Partnership, when appropriate, may utilize options and other derivative instruments in its investment program. There can be no assurance that such objective will be achieved and investment results may vary substantially on a quarterly and annual basis. The Partnership may invest in options on the stock of the companies described above as well as futures, interest rate, currency and other hedging instruments such as swaps and other derivative and hybrid instruments, in each case to the extent legally permissible. The Partnership will not use leverage in its investment program. Incentive Fee Calculation: If returns exceed the 10% hurdle rate, the incentive fee of 0.25% is charged against the total AUM of the investment.