AIM Diversified Dynamic

Solution (DDS) Fund Cl. A Euro

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund is a global macro multi-asset class fund with its performance being generated by the active management of fund assets, and all the risks associated with those assets. The objective of the Fund is to seek to deliver positive real returns with the prospect of long-term capital growth commensurate with investment in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments and transferable securities. In this regard, the Fund's aim is to deliver a capital return of at least inflation plus 7% per annum over a 7 year market cycle.The investment objective of the Fund may not be altered and material changes in the investment policy may not be made without approval of Shareholders in the Fund on the basis of a majority of votes cast at a meeting of the Shareholders of the Fund or a particular Class (if applicable to a Class only) duly convened and held. In the event of a change of the investment objective and/or policy, Shareholders will be given reasonable notice of such change to enable them redeem their Shares prior to implementation of such a change. Actual inception date is January 8th 2010.