AIS Gold Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

The Partnership may make investments in a combination of physical bullion, futures contracts in these metals, and in companies which are engaged in the exploration, production, and processing of these metals. Leverage will be employed when deemed appropriate. Investment decisions will rely heavily on the quantitative and technical decision making process. The investment methodology employed relies heavily on current and historical price data as the primary input for their quantitative statistical models to determine when to buy and sell the underlying physical metals or futures contracts on these metals. The company's proprietary models for individual stock selection also rely heavily on relative price strength when compared to the general market and to other stocks within the precious metals universe. While fundamental information about a company may be taken into account, it is not the primary means of determining individual stock selection. The manager of the portfolio will use some discretion in determining the exact mix of physical metals, futures, equities, specific hedges, and the degree of leverage employed. While the managers do not anticipate shorts until the gold market shows signs of topping, the strategy can be net short.