Fund Investment Objectives

ALFA COMMODITY FUND employs systematic, model-based trading on the global commodity derivatives markets, based on a purpose-driven approach, utilizing multiple short-term trades to balance risk-reward in long-term positions. It is a diversified, systematic, standard leverage program trading energies, metals, grains, softs/misc, currencies, interest rates, and indexes. RISK MANAGEMENT: The Managers have established a framework for the account's management and limitations for the risks, which every decision model are programmed to remain within. Complementing research and performance analysis, using several models for simulating the risks and other limitations, is continuously conducted by the Managers. All risk control starts with a decision regarding the maximum amount to risk in any individual trade. To keep any losses within tolerated levels, it is important that each trading decision is assessed considering the total risk for the position. To avoid high risks, the decision models work to limit the position size in accordance with market volatility and momentum as well as macro-economic trends. The amount risked for any of the decision models in the ALFA Program, can be as little as 1/10th of 1% of account equity at the time for the entry. The models will take positions with the direction of the identified trend, and incrementally adjust each position using many small trades, with the signals to trade originating from several different systems. This also ensures that the exits take place in an orderly fashion. The Managers have compared many different CTA strategies and has concluded that this strategy is the most effective in terms of consistent strong returns and low drawdowns, as well as in minimizing costs such as slippage and commission. The responsible fund manager is Mr. Thomas Stridsman. Also open to qualified investors that want to invest through Managed Accounts. The Fund accept US investors through Managed Accounts or through a CTA structure in the US. ALFAKRAFT is registered as a CTA in the US.