Altrius Unconstrained Fixed

Income Strategy

Fund Investment Objectives

The Opportunistic Fixed Income Strategy is a subaccount from the Altrius Global Total Return Composite. Consistent with our philosophy, our investment process utilizes both top-down and bottom-up strategies. Top-down strategies focus on yield curve positioning, volatility, and sector rotation. These strategies are based on our macroeconomic outlook over a three to five year period and our cyclical views from quarter to quarter. Bottom-up strategies derived from our fundamental analysis drive our security selection process and facilitate the identification of undervalued securities with the potential for above average income. The strategy invests in securities that operate across diversified sectors in the fixed income markets of the United States. It primarily invests in U.S. dollar denominated high yield and investment grade bonds, including government securities, corporate bonds, and mortgage- and asset-backed. Standard management fee is 1.40% per annum on the first $500,000 USD, 1.00% per annum on the next $500,000 and .80% per annum thereafter.