Altruid Systems Limited

(Altruid H (Hybrid) Class B)

Fund Investment Objectives

ALTRUID H (Hybrid) strategy is investable as daily liquid UCITS fund established in Luxembourg and denominated in EURO (ISIN: LU0466453320) with a min. investment of 100.000.- EUR. The ALTRUID H (Hybrid) strategy uses the advantages of a self-developed automatic algorithm. All software developed by ALTRUID SYSTEMS is proprietary, and is customized to its specific task.The Altruid H trading program consists of several quantitative systematic trading approaches applied over various time cycles, each approach exhibiting low correlation to the others. The strategy is employed in listed and liquid futures contracts on bonds, indices, currencies, interest rates, bonds and commodities. Implementation of a consistent strategy over different assets, time frames, continents and currencies allows a broad diversification within the portfolio of systems. The adaptive system logic also has the ability to make rapid trading decisions in real-time thereby adapting to changing market conditions automatically. Active data analysis ensures largely redundant and fully automated risk control for all active positions at all times and in every market traded. The combination of different systems with the unique feature to change and adapt its strategies within short time periods combined with real-time market-data analysis results in relatively low draw down and high performance figures. ALTRUID H includes fully automatic real-time risk minimization for all positions at any given time in any market. It is possible for investors to participate in the success of this highly unusual fund manager with the possibility of redeeming on a weekly base. ALTRUID SYSTEMS offers this strategy in any of the following currencies: EUR,USD,GBP,JPY,CHF,AUD,CAD,HKD. Sustaining high performance, world-wide, 24-hours a day requires the most professional partners available. ALTRUID SYSTEMS co-operate, with the greatest possible security and transparency for customers and investors, exclusively with enterprises which are known for decades among the most experienced in their industry. Administrator (Top 3), Auditor (Top 4), Broker (Top 3), Custodian bank (Top 5), Legal advisor (Top 3). For more details please visit