Altus Trading, LLC (Managed

Forex A)

Fund Investment Objectives

ALTUS TRADING MANAGED FOREX PROGRAM A uses several exclusive proprietary trading systems that were developed in-house by using unique methods of optimization, utilizing in-sample and out-of sample testing. The aim of the Altus Trading Managed Forex Program A program is to provide an investment alternative in the spot foreign exchange markets with minimal correlation to equities and fixed income investment instruments. All of our trading systems utilize and are built around a technical analysis approach. Our average trade length is about 2.5 hours and we aim not to have open trades into a weekend to reduce market exposure. All trading signals stem from our privately operated technical algorithms. The approach that is utilized by Altus Trading, is to have a portfolio of strategies employing various trading techniques. These techniques include breakout, scalping, ranging, and trend-following. The strategies are intended to be short-term in nature. Our systems main objective is to observe the market's price action and predict recognized chart patterns. The trading systems employ a mixture of standard technical indicators, including moving averages, relative strength index, and other exclusive proprietary indicators developed internally to help define present market conditions and generate trade signals. These systems utilized together, creates a portfolio approach to trading that attempts to capitalize on trading opportunities in a multitude of market conditions. Altus Trading also monitors liquidity, price availability and execution to ensure that they are competitive and in line with the market. These are important variables to keep in consideration. Vital to the Altus Trading trading style are low correlation between the different strategies employed and use of high liquidity currencies for efficient order execution. The actual number of strategies being used may vary and may change materially over time as determined by Altus Trading in their sole discretion. ALTUS TRADING IS A 4.7 EXEMPT COMMODITY TRADING ADVISOR, ALL STRATEGIES OFFERED ARE OPEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO CAN DEMONSTRATE THEY ARE QUALIFIED ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS ("QEP")