Antarctica Market Neutral

Fund, Ltd. (EUR Class)

Fund Investment Objectives

The Antarctica Market Neutral Fund Ltd. invests in a portfolio of over 35 hedge fund managers. A significant part of these managers exploit relative value and arbitrage strategies, generally in G10 markets. Certain managers may employ more directional strategies or may invest in markets other than G10 markets. The investment objective of the Fund is to generate stable and consistent long term rates of return with low correlation to traditional fixed income and equity markets. The investment manager intends to dynamically reallocate capital among managers and strategies, overweighting managers and/or strategies which the investment manager believes are best suited to perform given the prevailing market conditions or macro economic environment. There can be no assurance that the Investment Manager will be successful in pursuing the Fund's investment objective. Past result of the Investment Manager and its principal decision makers in this or in other activities are not necessarily indicative of the future performance of the Fund. AUM reflects both currency classes and is denominated in USD.