Archer Capital Offshore

Fund, Ltd.

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund is a distressed opportunity investment fund that seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over the business cycle primarily through a differentiated middle-market distressed investment strategy, with an emphasis on publicly traded distressed and event-driven and post-reorganized securities, as well as a small allocation to select privately underwritten credit opportunities. The Manager migrates investments across the capital structure as appropriate to the point in the credit cycle. The Manager's strategy is designed to (i) maximize returns and minimize risk across credit and business cycles, with a constant focus on hedging and risk management; (ii) capture return through yield and event catalysts and occasionally through proprietary loan product in periods of public credit market spread tightness; and (iii) seek total returns at appropriate times in the distressed cycle by investing in, and often facilitating the restructuring of, distressed securities, thereby creating ownership in enterprises at significant discounts to enterprise value. The Manager implements the Partnership's strategy by opportunistically allocating capital within dislocated markets.