Fund Investment Objectives

Ardsley Healthcare Fund, LP is dedicated to the Healthcare, Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector. We are a long-biased long-short equity fund and generally maintain net exposure of 20-40%. We use fundamental, bottoms-up research and look to seek alpha with both our long and short positions. the Index which we compare ourselves against: S&P Equal Weight Healthcare Index. Ardsley Partners is a long/short equity manager, whose style is categorized as Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) strategy. The firm uses a fundamental research bottom-up approach to stock selection to identify rapidly growing companies for core portfolio investments. However, Ardsley also generates additional alpha by its opportunistic approach to trading and by company specific options to enhance returns and structure volatility into the portfolio. Our investment universe is global with emphasis on technology, life sciences and alternative energy companies; and our primary focus is in the small to mid-cap capitalization range. Ardsley Partners manages assets for clients, such as endowments, foundations, fund of funds and family offices.