Argos Real

Assets C1 CHF

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective of the Argos Real Assets fund is to create a long-term thematic vehicle for investors wanting to take advantage of the solidity and stable returns offered by real assets. The Fund aims to produce substantial long-term capital growth, replicating the return of a diversified portfolio of direct real asset investments, but with 10 day liquidity. This will be achieved by active management, focusing on strong book/price ratios, high sustainable dividend yields, and high asset intensity, using funds, REITS, ETF's and equity securities of companies across the world to provide exposure to all 5 key sub-classes of real assets: Real Estate, Infrastructure, Timberland Assets, Agricultural Assets, and Precious Metals. Prior to April 2013, AUM reported per share class. As of April 2013, AUM is reported aggregate across share classes.