Aristeia Partners, L.P.


Fund Investment Objectives

Aristeia Capital ("The Firm" or "Aristeia") has utilized exhaustive fundamental research and proprietary technologies to invest in relative value and special situation strategies since its 1997 inception. The Firm is one of the largest and most experienced managers with deep expertise in credit relative value. Aristeia seeks to identify and exploit attractive risk/return opportunities. The Firm is primarily concentrated on U.S.-based issuers and, to a lesser extent, European issuers. Strategies include: Fund sub-strategies include: - Long/short corporate credit - Capital structure arbitrage - Junior financial securities - Distressed restructuring candidates - Privately negotiated exchange transactions - Exchange offers - Junior financial instruments - Hedge warrant positions - Equity stub trades - Dutch tender offers - Share class arbitrage - New issue related strategies - Convertible relative value Capital is allocated based upon the relative attractiveness of the opportunities within each strategy. AUM reflects the aggregate of the onshore funds and is denominated in USD.