Asuka Opportunities Offshore

Trust II Class B JPY

Fund Investment Objectives

The chief investment manager for this fund is Mamoru Taniya. Taniya has a very broad range of trading experiences at Salomon and Tudor, including bond trading, equity and fixed-income derivatives, CB/warrants arbitrage and private equities. This Fund is a multi-trader, multi-strategy fund. Mamoru Taniya as the principal trader will monitor an overall strategy mix of the Fund and determine capital allocation. The main focus of the Fund is on the Japanese equity, fixed income, and the Yen currency markets. This Fund offers investors the total solution to the diversified investments in the Japanese markets. The Fund will start with 1) Japanese equity long-short strategy, 2) Japan macro strategy including forex, equity and fixed income, 3) Yen relative value strategy including fixed income arbitrage and volatility trading.