Attain Portfolio Advisors

(Trend Following)

Fund Investment Objectives

ATTAIN MANAGED FUTURES TREND FOLLOWING FUND will take positions based on a long-term, technical, trend following system. Discretion is used only in extremely rare cases to interpret the existing rules of the system. Technical analysis uses the theory that a study of the markets themselves will provide a means of anticipating price changes. The system attempts to participate in long-term market trends. It does not try to predict trends. The system does not try to predict when a trend will start, how long it will last, or how high or low it will move. After a trend has occurred, the Trading Advisor does not seek to explain why a trend may have occurred or why it behaved as it did. The only prediction made is that trends will continue to exist as a phenomenon of the market place. The trading strategy trades a diverse portfolio of markets and market sectors including but not limited to, futures contracts on metals, meats, grains, energies, softs, foreign currencies, domestic and foreign interest rates, and domestic and foreign stock indices. By broadly diversifying across a wide array of markets, the Trading Advisor attempts to diminish the importance of any one position in the portfolio. This program is only available to Accredited Investors.