Barrington Opportunity Fund,


Fund Investment Objectives

The Barrington Opportunity Fund LP is a long/short equity fund focused on making long-term investments in North American micro-cap equities, while attempting to mitigate certain market and company specific risks by utilizing risk management and hedging techniques. The Fund is comprised of three virtual portfolios. The Core Portfolio makes up the majority of the Fund's assets and consists of long-only positions in micro-cap companies (<$500 million market cap) identified and selected primarily on the basis of in-depth fundamental research. The objective is to make long-term investments in undiscovered companies with solid businesses and growth prospects and patiently hold them as they grow and the market comes to appreciate their value. The Opportunistic Portfolio consists of both long and short positions in companies of various market capitalizations established for the purpose of enhancing core portfolio returns. The Hedge Portfolio consists of short-only positions in individual companies, industries, sectors or markets established at certain times to provide a partial hedge against systematic market risks.