BB Global

Macro EUR-B

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund's objective is to generate consistent absolute returns of around 10% p.a. in any market environment with an annualized volatility below 10%. The Fund actively invests globally in several asset classes with the possibility to build up long- and short exposure maintaining a constant level of risk over time. A proprietary global macro screening engine supports an experienced team of specialists to express their market views and to define the most successful top down strategies. Risk is an integrated part within the entire investment process. By targeting an explicit risk level on a daily basis the risk profile is maintained over time. The portfolio is mainly invested in liquid assets, the Fund offers daily liquidity. The Fund's objective is to achieve consistent positive returns across the economic cycle. The targeted returns are intended to be largely de-correlated from those of major asset classes. It is therefore particularly suited to investors with an investment horizon of at least 3 years who are focused on achieving consistent absolute returns. The base currency of the Fund is EUR. For the CHF share classes the currency risk in relation to the base currency is largely hedged.