Partner Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

Beaconcrest Partner Fund implements an absolute return strategy with a focus on capital preservation. The fund utilizes a long-short equity strategy focused on large and mid-cap US stocks that is sustainable, repeatable, and scalable. Using a blend of quantitative, fundamental, and macro analysis, we first start with the ranking process on our investment universe of 1200 securities, from that we identify a long basket and a short basket for further research. Once a stock has met certain critical variables based on our quantitative screening model we perform a fundamental review of that company. If successfully reviewed by the fundamental process, the stock is eligible for inclusion into the portfolio. Target position sizes are determined by the risk criteria we apply in the portfolio construction process. We than trade the position based on attractive short term technicals. The average holding period for a stock within the portfolio is 3 to 6 months. The same criteria for all investments is applied, with a forward looking bias. We balance risk, return and future outlook when making decisions on all investments.