Belvedere Emerging Markets


Fund Investment Objectives

The Belvedere Emerging Markets Opportunities strategy trades liquid, listed instruments using proprietary quantitative algorithms. The strategy is focused on long term capital appreciation through allocations across developped and emerging markets. The strategy employs no leverage, and the portfolio at any time will be either fully invested in a basket of securities or in cash with low frequency turn-over. It offers daily liquidity, and is available as a fund or managed account. The fund's core strategy is to capture the long-term growth of global equity markets using a quantitative investment approach focused on preservation of capital. The fund invests in liquid, diversified securities providing exposure to global equity markets, commodities and currencies. The trading approach is highly quantitative and does not use leverage. It incorporates components of short and medium-term trend following, as well a continual analysis of the relative risk adjusted returns available across global securities markets and asset classes. To preserve capital, the strategy will typically overweight sectors and markets with lower volatility and overweight areas generating excess returns. To mitigate liquidity risk, the fund only invests in liquid, listed securities that are priced and can be traded on a daily basis. The strategy offers daily liquidity, and is available as a fund or managed account. AUM is not provided.