Vermoegensverwaltung Ausgewogen

Fund Investment Objectives

The objective of the investment policy is to generate a return in euro. In order to achieve this, the Fund invests variably worldwide in equities, interest-bearing securities issued by governments and companies, funds, certificates whose underlyings are bonds, equities and financial indices, as well as commodities, precious metals or hedge funds and related indices. The equity component may not total more than 75%. The share of investments relating to commodities, precious metals or hedge funds may not exceed 15%. Real estate funds may be included up to 10%. The selection of individual investments is at the discretion of the fund management. The Fund is subject to various risks. A more detailed description of risks can be found under 'Risks' in the sales prospectus. The currency of Bethmann Vermoegensverwaltung Ausgewogen is EUR. The Fund distributes annually. You may request the redemption of shares on each valuation day. The redemption may only be suspended in exceptional cases taking into account your interests as an investor.