Bharwani Asset Management

LLC (Alpha)

Fund Investment Objectives

The majority of BAM's trading uses a blend of fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis to identify what it believes are distortions in futures options pricing dynamics. BAM uses a variety of option strategies which include a variety of option spreads and the outright purchase and sales of call and put options in its trading. Depending on the pricing dynamics of a given futures options market, an option strategy will be employed that is best suited to profit from that given pricing dynamic. BAM uses the combination of price distortions and option strategies in fulfilling its goal of capital appreciation for its client's assets. BAM will also trade commodity futures outright and commodity futures spreads when it believes that a particular commodity is either significantly undervalued or overvalued. BAM has sole discretion as to which futures and options on futures contracts it will trade. The majority of trades are in the grain markets. BAM will on occasion trade in precious metals, fixed income, indexes, energies, currencies, meats, and softs futures markets. The BAM LLC Alpha program is currently open and accepting new assets. Email for inquiries. *RETURNS FROM JAN 2012 TO FEB 2013 ARE PROPRIETARY RETURNS*