Blenheim Capital Mgmt, LLC

(Blenheim Fund, LLC)

Fund Investment Objectives

BLENHEIM FUND, LLC, together with its Cayman Islands feeder fund, Blenheim Global Markets Fund, Ltd. (collectively, the "Fund"), which are managed by Blenheim Fund Management LLC (the "manager"), the Fund's trading advisor, utilizes the Global Markets Strategy of Blenheim Capital Management, L.L.C. ("Blenheim"). The Global Markets Strategy is a discretionary global macro investment approach developed by Blenheim through intensive research and its proprietary knowledge of fundamental and geopolitical factors. The Fund trades futures, options, forward contracts, physicals and securities in numerous markets that include, but are not necessarily limited to, soft commodities, energy, industrials, precious metals, grains, fixed income, currencies, and stock indices. Substantial profits are sought in markets where Blenheim has identified an unsustainable level of market disequilibrium that has not been reflected in current market prices.