Bloom Tree Offshore Fund,


Fund Investment Objectives

The goal of the Partnership is to compound capital at an above average rate of return with relatively lower volatility. The Investment Manager's investment philosophy is to utilize extensive bottom up and primary research to develop thoughtful views on specific companies, industrial sectors, and macroeconomic environment in general to identify undervalued companies for the long portfolio and overvalued companies for the short portfolio. Investments will be made globally. Positions will be sized in the portfolio based on each position's risk / reward ratio, conviction, inherent risk and liquidity of underlying shares. The portfolio may be hedged at the overall portfolio level as well as at individual position level, as appropriate. The Partnership will invest across various geographic regions with a view that in an increasingly interdependent world economy, a global focus will allow the Investment Manager to identify investment trends early and optimize performance by investing in markets and specific investment opportunities that offer the most attractive risk / return.