Boronia Capital (Boronia

Diversified Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

Boronia Capital is a Short-term CTA based in Sydney, Australia, with a 20+ year track record. Trading is fully systematic, seeking to exploit trading opportunities in liquid global Futures and Foreign Exchange markets. The core strategy is Long Volatility and aims for relatively short trade holding periods to enable tight risk controls and reduce the volatility of returns. The Boronia Diversified Program encompasses an intentionally high level of diversification across multiple asset classes, timeframes and strategies. Some 65 markets are traded include global Bond and Short-term Interest Rate markets, Equity Indices, Commodities including Energy, Precious Metals and Agricultural Markets, and Spot FX. Throughout its long track record Boronia has remained committed to developing robust quantitative investment strategies. To do this, Boronia employs a team of highly qualified scientists and IT developers making up well over half the staff of the firm. Our Research and Development team come from all over the world and bring skills in mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering and other disciplines. Our clients include global Institutional Investors looking for return streams with relatively low volatility which, through the correlation profile of the strategy, will help diversify a portfolio. Investments in Boronia can be either through the Boronia Diversified Fund or at an Institutional level via a Managed Account. Boronia is registered with the NFA as a CTA and CPO, as defined by the CFTC, and regulated in Australia by ASIC .