Candlewood Structured Credit

Harvest Fund, Ltd

Fund Investment Objectives

The Candlewood Structured Credit Harvest Fund is a long/short structured credit fund. The Funds' investment objective is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by taking advantage of current dislocations and pricing inefficiencies in the structured credit markets. The investment strategy seeks to create alpha through rigorous investment selection and dynamic portfolio management via constructing a diverse portfolio focused on not only residential MBS, but all sectors of the securitized market. The Portfolio Managers' structured credit investing and trading experience through multiple market cycles helps them to identify and analyze more complex securitizations and provides for market access. The team's approach to investing combines in-depth credit analysis (including rigorous fundamental, technical and legal/structural analysis) with data intensive modeling. The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of structured credit investments including, but not limited to: residential mortgage-backed securities, consumer/commercial asset-backed securities, and complex asset backed securities with a focus on the senior part of the capital structure. Gate: 25%, fund level.