Cardwell Investment

Technologies (Global Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

CARDWELL INVESTMENT TECHNOLOGIES (CIT) is a quantitative based hedge fund which aims to capture profit across all major futures, LME forwards and cash currency markets. Due to the ever increasing processing capacity of computers and availability of market data, it is becoming more feasible to explore and capitalize on market anomalies and existing trading styles. CIT embraces technology and innovation to constantly improve drawdown to profit ratios.Cardwell Investment Technologies Global Fund looks to capture profit in the medium term in an exceptionally diverse set of markets. Systems design focuses on reducing drawdown. Each trade has a defined downside. CIT Global Fund does not engage in undefined mean reversion or any bid/offer scalping techniques. Advanced proprietary software allows testing of all systems and markets simultaneously. Analysis focuses on drawdown and minimising the correlations of drawdowns between systems and markets. Custom daily data created from intraday data sets from liquid areas of the day. All trades systematically generated removing human emotion from the trading decision. However, execution is performed manually by experienced traders with slippage carefully monitored. Three systems; Trend based, Market rejection and Volatility break out. All designed to complement each other in areas of drawdown. Systems have been designed with scalability in mind. Trading only takes place in liquid areas of the day allowing capacity in excess of $2bn.