Cardwell Investment

Technologies (Global Fund 3X)

Fund Investment Objectives

CARDWELL INVESTMENT TECHNOLOGIES (CIT) is a quantitative based hedge fund which aims to capture profit across all major futures, LME forwards and cash currency markets. Due to the ever increasing processing capacity of computers and availability of market data, it is becoming more feasible to explore and capitalize on market anomalies and existing trading styles. CIT embraces technology and innovation to constantly improve drawdown to profit ratios.Cardwell Investment Technologies Intraday Fund looks to capture profit from signals generated within the trading day from a diverse selection of extremely liquid futures contracts. The system's trading signals are automatically generated from both proprietary programs and, as a backup, from commercial software. Each trade has a defined downside allowing for maximum exposure risk management. Consists of short time framed trading systems which are designed to maximise maximum draw to profit ratio. Execution is a combination of automatic and manual execution by experienced traders. This gives an edge to execution in certain market environments that are unquantifiable. Integrates automatic risk management techniques into all models including position sizing, initial stops and trailing stops. Each trade has a defined downside allowing for maximum exposure risk management. Systems currently hold trades between 5 minutes and a maximum of two days. The fund has a natural dynamic position adjustment due to the mix of time frames, trend and non-trend systems. Trades only performed during the liquid areas of the day to limit slippage and allow for scalability. All new systems fully tested before launch for a minimum of three months on live markets trading CIT's own money.