Partners, LLC

Fund Investment Objectives

Catalysis Partners, LLC is a domestic hedge fund that makes concentrated investments in small capitalization stocks (Market Cap < $3B) utilizing a value-based, event-driven investment philosophy. The portfolio manager performs bottom-up research to assess a company's value and reduce risk. The fund has a low historical correlation with market indexes, giving investors the opportunity to diversify their investments. Catalysis Partners generally does not use leverage and strives to preserve capital while producing attractive absolute returns. Following this approach, the manager seeks to invest in securities it believes are priced below the underlying assets' value with an identifiable catalyst expected to drive share price appreciation. Catalysts may include: (i) securities spin-offs; (ii) new product offerings; (iii) resolution of legal entanglement; (iv) liquidations; (v) mergers and acquisitions; and (vi) activist involvement. Most of the funds' assets may be invested in 30 securities or less.