Cauldron Investment Co., LLC

(Stock Index Plus)

Fund Investment Objectives

STOCK INDEX PLUS PROGRAM is a non-diversified, multi-strategy, rule-based trading system intended to provide investors with an alternative investment to add to their portfolio or even to replace portions of their portfolio allocated to publicly traded U.S. equity markets. The goal of the SIP Program is to achieve long-term returns above those achieved from passive investment in stock index funds, in the range of 16% per annum net of fees over a 3-5 year investment time horizon while bearing average annualized volatility of no more than 12% over the same period. The Advisor believes that its research regarding fundamentals such as world politics, economy macros, seasonality and market participants' behaviors, and technical factors that reflect these fundamentals are the integral to the success of the SIP Program. The Advisor is advising the managed accounts as exempt accounts under CFTC Rule 4.7, and the track record includes a proprietary account.