CC1 Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

The CC1 strategy is an arbitrage strategy and makes extensive use of sophisticated trading technology and proprietary data models. It aims to exploit opportunities in specific market niches in which short-term inefficiencies are still prevalent. Markets are monitored by automated trading systems and fed into our proprietary models in order to exploit short time-frames during which unexpected events result in price or valuation differences. The risk of all open positions is being monitored and adjusted continuously. A substantial share of our resources is devoted to the improvement of our proprietary models. Only by being one step ahead of other market participants we will be able to spot inefficiencies and to achieve a superior risk/return profile. The investment objective of the CC1 strategy is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through a proprietary investment approach. Loss-avoidance is at the core of our investment philosophy. Our aim is to deliver absolute positive returns each month. While a negative month cannot be completely avoided, prolonged draw-downs must be prevented and capital preservation is thus key to our decision making process. We achieve this by using sophisticated valuation and hedging methodologies. These are based on proprietary data analysis techniques and are supported by cutting-edge IT-infrastructure. Securities are only held long enough to realize the expected return and appreciation potential. This is key to the strategy and will result in transactions and thus turnover of the invested capital. We make use of brokers that can accommodate the high order flow and provide the necessary execution speed and efficient settlement.