ClearQuest Capital, LLC

(TruTrend Gl. Fut. Founder's LP)

Fund Investment Objectives

CLEARQUEST CAPITAL monitors 43 global markets including equity indices, bonds, currencies, energies, metals, grains, softs, and meats from North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Typically, managed futures provide individual investors greater global diversification than other well known investments. In addition, participating in a wide array of global markets, ClearQuest employs systematic diversification. We use multiple systems that differ from each other in time frame and in method. Our trading systems are able to participate in both rising and falling market conditions. In this way, we are able to further reduce our overall volatility while maintaining full participation in the returns. Each system has a conceptual rationale as well as supportive verification and optimization through rigorous back testing. ClearQuest Capital continues research into trading approaches and their possible integration into the portfolio of existing strategies. ClearQuest utilizes strict risk control. We limit risk exposure at each entry by normalizing position size to market volatility. Both the individual market risk and the overall portfolio risk are monitored and used for trading decisions. In addition, we occasionally use discretion to further limit overall portfolio risk. Absolute risk adjusted returns is our goal. Fund operates under exemption 4.13(a)(4)