Coloma Capital Futures, LLC

(ColoCap Commodities, LP)

Fund Investment Objectives

COLOCAP COMMODITIES PARTNERS, LP (CCP) is an emerging commodities pool operated by Coloma Capital Futures TM, LLC (CCF). This pool looks to invest in global commodities futures and options contracts representing various hard assets such as crude oil, gold, wheat, copper and lean hogs. The three overarching investment themes are relative value spread trading, directional positioning and volatility capture. Trend-following and similar black box methods are not part of the philosophy. Instead, alpha opportunities are grounded in fundamental aspects and then dissected using quantitative measures to create reasonable and more reliable signals. This approach outlines risk and return directly and allows for greater scope and confidence in investment decision-making. Leverage will be part of the strategy, though primarily by paired long and short positions that reduce overall net leverage. While not impervious to investment loss, the fund is subject to independent oversight and regulation via third-party clearing, banking and audit as well as CFTC registration.