Connective Capital I

Offshore Fund, Ltd.

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund's investment objective is to seek positive absolute returns through a combination of long-term and short-term investments while mitigating the risk of permanent capital loss. The Fund will focus its investments in publicly traded equities in the technology and communications sectors, which the Manager believes will maximize returns given its knowledge of these industries. No assurance can be given, however, that the Fund will achieve its objective, and investment results may vary substantially over time and from period to period. The Fund seeks superior returns with low beta by exploiting inefficiencies in high-volatility sectors, such as technology. The Manager selects investments via a bottom-up, fundamentally driven, research intensive approach, leveraging the management team's deep technology market experience, network of contacts, and successful stock selection experience. The Manager invests in a portfolio selected from seven to ten market sectors, and derives the majority of its return from short positions (for example identifying excessive hype, emerging competitive paradigms, and unrealistic business models), and matching them with over-performing long positions in the same sector. The Manager uses correlation-based hedging with a proprietary Sharpe ratio optimization system, to minimize the market and sub-sector risk. In summary, the Fund seeks to provide its investors with superior and sustainable returns combined with effective risk management. Although the strategy and asset allocation utilized by the Fund is primarily centered on publicly traded equities, the Manager intends to follow a flexible approach in order to place the Fund in the best position to capitalize on opportunities in the financial markets. Accordingly, the Manager may employ other strategies and take advantage of opportunities in diverse asset classes if they meet the Manager's standards of investment merit. Redemption Fee is 5% if assets are withdrawn within 1 year, unless fund is down 7% or more, in which case no redemption fee is charged.