Convergent US Fund LP Series


Fund Investment Objectives

Series B - Long/Short Fundamental/Technical Screening Strategy - The General Partner believes that long term capital appreciation may be significantly augmented by the use of short term opportunistic investment techniques. This long/short portfolio will include companies of all capitalizations. The Partnership will employ quantitative screens to identify securities for the portfolio. Most importantly, the Partnership will utilize fundamental analysis and technical research to determine the timing and duration of securities positions. The Partnership will seek to profit from both long-term trends in the underlying value of selected securities as well as from tactical opportunities generated by temporary market inefficiencies. The positions the Partnership enters into may result in significant exposure to such risk factors as Beta, Sector and Market Capitalization. The General Partner believes long investments that are trading at a relative value discount to the overall market provide the potential for appreciation as well as a margin of safety against a decline in the company's market price. Similarly, the General Partner believes short investments that are trading at a relative value premium to the overall market provide potential appreciation through short sales. The General Partner expects an average investment horizon of three to six months or less for securities positions. The Partnership employs a disciplined, quantitative and value-oriented investment process seeking to identify undervalued and overvalued companies. Securities positions could consist of companies with smaller market capitalizations (less than $2 billion) or special situations. The Partnership will actively establish short positions to help achieve absolute returns. While the primary investments of the Partnership are long and short positions in U.S. and foreign common stocks, the Partnership also may take long and short positions in options (including listed puts and calls, options on broad-based securities indices and Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities ("LEAPS"), and other derivative securities to enhance returns, hedge positions and manage overall risk of the portfolio. Although its emphasis is on equities traded in the U.S. markets, the Partnership may invest or trade in any type of securities of domestic or foreign issuers including, without limitation, preferred stocks, convertible securities, bonds, notes, options, warrants, rights and money market instruments. Further, depending on conditions and trends in securities markets, the Investment Advisor may pursue other strategies or employ other techniques it considers appropriate and in the Partnership's best interests.