County Cork LLC (B & R


Fund Investment Objectives

The B & R program is managed by Bill Bauman and Jim Rose. Bauman and Rose rely on many years of trading experience using both fundamental as well as technical analysis in making trading decisions and managing risk. In their fundamental analysis Bauman and Rose look at various factors that will affect supply and demand in trying to forecast future prices. As an example, the team observes key factors such as the number of cattle on feed, the duration of time on feed, cattle weights, feed costs, and wholesale and retail beef prices. Other factors observed include beef imports, beef exports, as well the prices and supply and demand of competing meats such as pork. Bauman and Rose also observe external forces that drive cattle prices, such as weather conditions regionally, nationally and worldwide. In addition, this trading team reviews historical and seasonal price patterns which may indicate the direction the market might possibly take. Bauman and Rose look at certain technical factors in relation to price; these include futures' open interest, volume, and moving averages of futures prices. The team uses technical indicators to trigger trade entry and exit points as well as stop losses levels. Returns are based on proforma adjustments to a proprietary account to reflect fees. Client accounts will be traded in like fashion.