Crabel Capital Mgmt. (Crabel

Multi-Product (Class A))

Fund Investment Objectives

CRABEL MULTI-PRODUCT 1X is designed to achieve a low correlation with all other investment strategies while providing the highest possible Sharpe ratio. The program consists of a highly diversified portfolio of uncorrelated and predominantly short-term, systematic strategies traded across a large number of markets. The majority of the price-driven strategies in the portfolio can be classified as short-term momentum or mean-reversion trades. A small portion of the portfolio is allocated to longer holding period strategies. The overall portfolio is designed to have no significant bias to either the long side or the short side. Most trades are designed to work symmetrically, either long or short. Crabel Multi-Product trades liquid global futures, currency markets and individual equity markets. Risk is controlled by employing stop loss levels, time exits and diversification across sectors and geographical regions.