Crabel Capital Mgmt. (Crabel

WPD Futures (Class J))

Fund Investment Objectives

The WPD CRABEL FUTURES PROGRAM is a diversified portfolio of trading strategies and associated allocation, risk management and slippage minimization techniques developed by Crabel's Norwalk, CT research and portfolio management team. Strategies are typically price driven. Approximately 40 liquid markets are traded, spanning the stock index, bond, forex and commodity sectors, but allocation among sectors may be unequal. Most strategies are universal, traded identically across markets, but many are market or sector specific and exposure can be concentrated in one or a few markets. Portfolio risk is allocated fluidly among mean-reversion, short term momentum, medium term trend, quantitative global macro and special opportunity strategies with a broad goal of parity between mean reversion and momentum. Holding periods range from one hour to several weeks, averaging three days. Long term correlations with CTA, stock and bond indices are low, but vary in the short term. All strategies are associated with stop-out levels and an attempt is made to moderate portfolio skew and kurtosis. Assets reported are trading level.