Cross Ledge

Long/Short Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

The Partnership will invest, both long and short, primarily in a portfolio of companies in growth industries, largely in companies with market capitalizations of under $3 billion at the time of investment. The General Partner will utilize its industry expertise to seek to identify potential winners and losers in various industries in order to locate attractive investment opportunities for the Partnership. The Partnership will invest in companies that the General Partner believes exhibit leadership in products, services and technologies, such as companies that have a strong market share in growing industries and companies that have erected meaningful barriers to entry. In addition, the Partnership will invest in companies that the General Partner believes have superior earnings growth potential and superior and sustainable operating margins, cash flows and financial returns. The General Partner will also seek to identify companies that exhibit financial strength, measured by clean balance sheets, appropriate levels of debt and conservative accounting practices. Exceptional management is also an important factor in determining whether a particular company is a suitable investment for the Partnership, and the General Partner will seek to identify companies whose management have a sound business thesis and demonstrate an ability to sustain the companies' growth.