Crosslink Emerging Growth

Fund, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

The Partnership invests in and trades in securities, consisting principally, but not solely, of equity and equity-related securities of U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that are traded publicly in domestic markets. The Partnership also may invest in preferred stocks, convertible securities, warrants, rights, options (including covered and uncovered puts and calls and over-the-counter options), swaps and other derivative instruments, bonds and other fixed income securities, non-U.S. securities, non-U.S. currencies, futures, options on futures, other commodity interests, money market instruments and cash and cash equivalents. The Partnership also engages in short selling, margin trading, hedging and other investment strategies. The Investment Adviser targets net exposure for the Partnership of between 30% and 80% net long, although the Partnership's net exposure may fall outside of these targets at times. The Investment Adviser also may invest a portion of the Partnership's assets in illiquid securities, which generally are restricted securities of public and private companies, although the General Partner does not expect illiquid securities to exceed 5% of the Partnership's assets (measured at the time of investment and valued at the market). The Partnership pursues substantially the same strategy as the public equity investment strategy that the Investment Adviser uses for its crossover funds. Generally, the Partnership will co-invest with the crossover funds in publicly-traded securities and private securities acquired in PIPEs transactions (other than PIPEs that the Investment Adviser considers to be a venture capital investment). The Investment Adviser seeks to invest in companies experiencing a dramatic change in growth rate. The Investment Adviser focuses on sectors of the economy with strong long-term growth prospects and significant business opportunities. Composite performance for separate accounts invested in identical strategy from September 1999 through March 2008 is available--please contact firm for this track record. Performance from April 2008 forward is that of the firm's onshore fund.