DB Platinum Advisors (DB

Platinum Agriculture Euro I1C)

Fund Investment Objectives

The Investment Objective of the DB PLATINUM AGRICULTURE EURO FUND is to provide the Shareholders with a return linked to the performance of the Underlying Asset, which is the DB Agriculture Euro Index. In order to achieve the Investment Objective, the fund will invest all or part of the net proceeds of the issue of Shares in transferable securities issued by (i) financial institutions or corporate and/or, (ii) Sovereign states that are OECD Member States and/or supranational organizations/entities, (iii) Special purpose vehicles that are rated (or invested in rated bonds), and/or potentially some cash deposits with financial institutions, in each case with investment grade ratings by a recognised rating agency or equivalent long-term credit ratings at the time of the investment, all in accordance with the Investment Restrictions. The Fund will exchange via an OTC swap transaction negotiated at arm's length with the Swap Counterparty the performance and/or the expected income of the assets it has invested in against a return linked to the Underlying Asset. Such transferable securities and/or liquid assets (such as deposits) will constitute the Hedging Asset, as defined in the Prospectus. The minimum investment is 1 share.