DB Platinum Advisors (DB

Platinum Commodity USD I1C)

Fund Investment Objectives

The Investment Objective of the DB PLATINUM COMMODITY USD FUND I1C (the Fund) is to provide shareholders with a return linked to the performance of the Underlying Asset, which is the Deutsche Bank Commodity USD Index (the Index). The Index offers diversified exposure to commodities and is intended to reflect the performance of 12 of the most liquid commodities from four broad commodity sectors: crude oil, natural gas, aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, lead, gold, silver, wheat, soybean and corn. The Fund follows an Indirect Investment Policy as defined in the prospectus and will generally not invest directly (and/or fully) in the Underlying Asset (Index). Instead, the exposure to the performance of the Underlying Asset will be achieved by way of derivative transactions and/or instruments. In order to achieve the Investment Objective, the Fund will mainly invest in transferable securities with investment grade or equivalent long-term credit ratings issued by: (i) Financial institutions or corporate and/or; (ii) Sovereign states that are OECD Member States and/or supranational organisations/entities; (iii) Special purpose vehicles having a rating (or invested in rated bonds), whereby the rating of such special purpose vehicles or the bonds underlying it - upon the investment - is an investment grade rating by a recognised rating agency, and potentially some cash deposits with financial institutions with investment grade or equivalent long-term credit ratings. The Fund will also use derivative techniques such as index swap agreements negotiated at arm's length with the Swap Counterparty, all in accordance with the Investment Restrictions (as described in the Prospectus). The purpose of the OTC swap transactions is to exchange the expected performance, on the trade date, of the transferable securities the Fund invests in against the performance of the Index. The value of the Fund's shares is linked to the Index. The Fund will have to make a payment to the Swap Counterparty in the event that the Index decreases in value, such payment being equivalent to the negative performance of the Index. This payment will be made from the proceeds and, as the case may be, the partial or total disposal of the transferable securities the Fund has invested in. The minimum investment is 1 share.