DB Platinum


Fund Investment Objectives

The DB Platinum IV CROCI(R) US Fund is an open-ended fund which aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by providing investors with exposure to large capitalization US stocks based on the DB proprietary CROCI methodology. The Fund is a non principal protected investment. The Fund tracks the performance of a basket of 40 equally weighted US stocks selected monthly for their attractive valuation, defined as the cheapest trailing economic P/E. Economic P/E is calculated using the DB proprietary CROCI methodology.This Fund aims to track, before the Fund's fees and expenses, the price and income performance of its Underlying Securities to the performance of the Underlying Asset, which is the Deutsche Bank CROCI US Index. Accordingly, this Fund will aim to invest in the Underlying Securities of the Index in proportion to their weighting in the Index. Subject to the Investment Restrictions, the Fund may also hold transferable securities and/or other derivative instruments that will track the Index. The Fund will not at any time invest more than 10% of its NAV in other collective investment schemes (ETFs included).Derivative instruments can be used for both investment and hedging purposes. Under such derivative instruments, the Fund itself can be economically leveraged and could therefore be subject to the risk that any decrease of the assets to which the Fund is exposed under the derivative instruments concerned will be greater than any required payments by the Fund under those derivative instruments which may lead to an accelerated decrease of the Net Asset Value of the Fund, it being understood that the global exposure resulting from the use of financial derivative instruments will never exceed the Net Asset Value of the Fund.