DB Platinum

Fund Investment Objectives

This Sub Fund aims to track, before the Sub-Fund's fees and expenses, the price and income performance of its Underlying Securities to the performance of the Underlying Asset, which is the Deutsche Bank CROCI Euro Index. Accordingly, this Sub-Fund will aim to invest in the Underlying Securities of the Index in proportion to their weighting in the Index. Subject to the Investment Restrictions, the Sub-Fund may also hold transferable securities and/or other derivative instruments that will track the Index. The Sub-Fund will not at any time invest more than 10% of its NAV in other collective investment schemes (ETFs included). The value of the Sub-Fund's Shares is linked to the Index, the performance of which may rise or fall. Hence, investors should note that the value of their investment could fall as well as rise and they should accept that there is no guarantee that the underlying methodology of the Index will indeed result in a return above any comparable investment strategy or that they will recover their initial investment.