db PrivatMandat Comfort -

Einkommen (U)

Fund Investment Objectives

The objective of the investment policy of db PrivatMandat Comfort - Einkommen (U) is to seek appreciation of capital in the event that prices primarily on international bond markets rise. The Fund will invest primarily in fixed-rate and floating rate securities, shares of money market and bond funds, convertible bonds and dividend-right certificates. The management fee includes a performance related fee of 25% of the amount by which the performance of the sub-fund exceeds the return of 60% JP Morgan EMU Bond Index 1-10 Years (total return index), 11% Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 equity index (price index), 6% Standard & Poor's 500 equity index (price index), 3% MSCI Asia equity index (price index) and 20% money market investment as measured by the 1M EURIBOR.